Hunan Heaven Materials will confirm “2012 METEF_FOUNDEQ”
2012/12/19 14:01:58
Show Time: Apr 18, 2012- Apr 21, 2012
Exhibition venue: VERONAFIERE Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Introduce: METEF_FOUNDEQ is the one of the most prestigious fair in metal shows which could provides the chance of trade, exhibition, communication and cooperation for metal casting trader and supplier. It has organized 5 times since 2002. Especially in 2010, it had 507 exhibitor with more than one third come from other countries. It expected that it will have more than 600 exhibitor and exceed 248000 square meters. METEF_FOUNDEQ focus on casting industry, aluminum and aluminum technology in Europe.
 1.die casting equipment;smelting unit; cold/hot chamber die casting machine (aluminum, zinc, copper, magnesium alloy die casting machine); hydropress and oil press equipment/parts; Differential pressure casting coating; investment casting; precision casting; die-casting die;
 2.Casting and forging products: Various uses quality castings including cars, motorcycles castings, cast valve, gray castings, ductile castings, forgings and castings, steel castings, alloy castings, precision castings, die castings, rollers, cast iron pipe, ingot mold, art castings, wear-resistant castings, nonferrous metals and specialty castings, ash iron, ductile iron, etc.
 3. Materials of aluminum product; primary metal products; semi-finished products; semi-synthetic products; castings; plate; tape; foil; extrusions; special application aluminum products which mainly used in construction, transportation, electronics, machinery, surface treatment and joint technology, trade and recycling of light metals, aluminum purification processing and smelting plant machinery.
 4.Surface treatment, machining products.