Heaven materials will confirm attending “the 8th of China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition Profile”
2012/12/19 14:08:35
Exhibition Time:6th ~8th,June,2012
Exhibition Address: Shanghai new international expo center(N4 hall and N5 hall)
Exhibition Introduction: China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition will be held Shanghai new international expo center again, which continuously services to the whole aluminum industry chain and related application field enterprise.
The first class aluminum exhibition in Asia will attack more than 400 enterprise from 30 the countries and regions all over the world. They will show the current aluminum production, processing field innovation product and at the forefront of technology for about 10,000 people, satisfying the Asian-Pacific region steady increase at the aluminum consumption and the requirement of to the new material application industry. Through trade negotiation in three days\social contact and the teaching community, the 8th of the exhibition will provide the global business platform in the most vigourest aluminum market.
Exhibition range: it widely includes every links of the aluminum industry chain,the whole production and processing process and fully demonstrates the aluminum industry development condition,which provides the international display and negotiation platform for the suppliers the raw material,semi-finished products,finished product ,the manufacturer alumium production processing、the surface processing machinery、the equipment and warehouse ,and the light metal trade and consult service.