2012 China International Exhibition ForChemical Advanced Materials
2012/12/19 14:11:46

Show Time:Aug.29-31, 2012
Venue:Beijing•CNCC (Near the Bird Nest)
Exhibition Profile
Organized by Chinese Materials Society& National New Material Industry Committee, the only industrial organization in China advanced materials industry, relying on authority technologyand trade activities and after many years of painstaking cultivation, China International Chemical Advanced Materials Exhibition 2012 (Ciamie 2012) and New Material Industry Expo (NCM Ciamie 2012) has increased both in exhibition scale and influence basin and is more and more popular by enterprises, public institutions and customers in the industry. Till now, large numbers of domestic and overseas manufacturers and enterprises have chosen Ciamieas their preferred platform for launching their latest products and technologies to all over theworld.
China New Materials Industry Expo (CIAMIE 2011) was successfully held on Beijing China National Convention Center during May 18 to 20 2011. One hundred and fifty-six enterprises from twelve countries and areas attended this expo. During the exhibition period, we receipted 12,086 professional visitors from many fields such as research institutions, universities, key laboratories, enterprise, public institution, industry applications unites and so on. Ciamie now has developed into the largest and most professional industrial exhibition in chemical materials and advanced materials industry, and is known as “New Material Expo No.1” in China and over the Asia by industry professionals
CIAMIE 2012 will be held on Beijing China National Convention Center during Aug. 29 to 31 2012. The concurrent forums will attract over 3,000 industrial authorities to attend CIAMIE2012. CIAMIE 2012 and concurrent exhibitions will attract over two hundred industrial enterprises and thousands of application industrial visitors and purchasers.

Exhibit Catalogue
1、Organic Fluorine& Silicon Material: Organic Silicon Material, Organic Fluorine Material.
2、Engineering Plastics& Modified Plastics: High performance engineering plastics, modified plastics, degradable plastics.
3、High Performance Fibers: carbon fiber, aramid fiber, UHMWPE fiber.
4、Composite: Plastic matrix composites, bio-fiber composites, rubber base composite materials.
5、PU Material: Flexible PU foams, rigid PU foams, semiflexible PU foam, PU elastomers, polyurethane slurry, polyurethane fiber.
6、Other Chemical New Material: Electronic information chemical materials, nano chemical materials, new phosphorus chemical, biological chemical materials,high-performance membrane materials, high performance coatings, new cemedin.